Tarantino music with a gypsy soul.





Like the white tiger is an anomaly in nature, Tigre Blanco deviates from the tonal scenery in the Lowlands. Tigre Blanco’s wide-ranging sounds are well-suited for an Andalusian nightclub, a juke joint in Calexico or a bar in the city of hellmond where you sell your soul to the Devil.


Tigre Blanco makes sweltering songs, where Americana, film music, gypsy and soul are forming an alliance. Music that sounds like the soundtrack of a new 'paella western' from Tarantino: dark gypsy soul with a raw and rocking twist that will take you on a sweaty roadtrip hotter than a snake's ass...


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We're going live again! yeahaw... saturday april 24th 20:30 C.E.T. livestream from theater De kattendans bergeijk, live, close and direct, get u'r exclusive tickets here:







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"200 MILES"